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Free Meals Served

Monday 12-1
Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm
Wednesday 12-1
Thursday 5:30-6:30pm
Friday 12-1




This plate is filled with food. I am aware that each morsel is the fruit of much hard work by those who produced it.   -Thich Nhat Hanh






Food & Supplies

Food - must be in unopened packages

        Fresh vegetables & fruit

        Salad greens, tomatoes & cucumbers

        Canned salmon or tuna

        Tempeh & seitan

        Oil - canola, olive and sesame

        Fresh garlic and ginger

        Rice vinegar, mirin sauce & cooking wine

       Fresh herbs, spices & curry pastes

      Cheese, cream & half n' half

        Kosher Salt & Sea salt

        Powdered milk, soy or coconut milk

        Canned fruit & vegetables

        Canned tomatoes and tomato sauce

       Dijon & coarse grain mustard

       International cooking items & spices

        Whole wheat & chick pea flour

        Nutritional Yeast

        Teas bagsĖ herbal, green & regular

        Iced tea mix

       Shredded coconut

        Sugar, agave & honey

      Nuts, sesame seeds & raisins

        Fruit Juice


Rice Vinegar & Herbal Teas

Especially Needed in Our Kitchen!


If you have a large donation, items not mentioned above, or if you need someone to pick up your donation, please contact the office.

When and where to bring donations

         Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9 AM to 2 PM; Tuesday and Thursday 3 to 7 PM

o    Donations can be accepted ONLY at these times when staff is on site

         Bring your donation to Loaves & Fishes at St. Johnís Church, corner of Cayuga and Buffalo Sts

         Park in a striped loading zones in the parking lot at the rear of St. Johnís Church

         Go up the stairs to the kitchen and find a Kitchen Manager who will receive your donation

For tax receipts, fill out donations form when you drop off your donation or contact the office..  Describe type and quantity of items and include your contact information. The office will send you an in-kind receipt, with items listed; we do not state the value of the donation.